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Hello and welcome to our website. Ambassador Racing School in Wimauma, Florida has provided youth racing instruction since 1996 with a few of our youths reaching the accolades of NASCAR, INDY and Pro Truck. Our 5 day S.T.E.M based Summer Camp curriculum is outlined below.

We offer a full 5 days (DROP OFF TIME @ 9am / PICK UP @ 6pm) of engineering,

mathematics, mechanics and of course driving!

We make it safe, fun, and educational!

Co-Ed Ages 10 and up!

(too young for camp?  Consider Private Lessons by appointment year round can accommodate ages 4 1/2 & up)


Contact information below – Team Ambassador

S.T.E.M. – Science, Technology, Engineering and Math!

Day 1 – Orientation & Grouping campers into teams, all teams to be fitted with & review the proper use of safety gear, an assignment of drivers & a review of the proper operation of a race car, campers will learn about race track communications such as hand signals, racing flags, & track lights, followed by each camper taking a ‘Test’ Drive in the race cars, for evaluation purposes.


Day 2 – All drivers will participate in the assembly of an engine, drivers will learn about each part and its function in a working engine, campers will have an on track driving session learning proper methods to safely enter and exit their pit box and pit lane, also line up procedures used on race day, utilizing the correct driving line, as well as entering and exiting the turns.


Day 3 – Campers will learn about chassis set-up, what makes the car drive properly, what makes the car turn, how it reacts, reviewing terminology such as tight, push, under steer, & more, fabrication will also be covered, ending with a Driving session that will cover learning to pass other cars.


Day 4 – Drivers will learn weight percentages of a race car, mathematical formulas pertaining to motorsports & more…

Public Speaking – Sponsors – Exposure: will all be reviewed with the Driver’s regarding the proper method of response when being interviewed, how to Thank team sponsors, and others who help the team achieve their goals, best methods of where to place the sponsor logos on the teams car and why. Interviewing skills will be evaluated while the driver’s gain experience by reviewing the week building up to “Fast Friday”

Fast Friday!

Day 5 – Begins with teams having practice sessions, then Drivers will draw for their starting positions for the ‘Qualifying’ rounds, until the feature race is completed, at which time video, photos, & celebration to be held in Victory Lane will include all teams, with drivers being interviewed, presentations to be given, all sponsors will be acknowledged.




Print out, fill out, mail in, questions? Contact Us Below

  1. 2015 Educational- STEM- Racing- Summer-Camp-Application (Application for each child is required to enroll)
  2. POWER OF ASSIGNMENT – 2015 (required if other than parent’s or Legal Court Appointed Guardians will be transporting)
  3. PRICE FOR ONE WEEK  $300.00 (for 1st kid enrolled)
  4. GAIN A 10% DISCOUNT ( for each sibling, residing in the same home.)
  5. ALL CAMPERS MUST FURNISH (their own clothing, food, snacks, and beverages)


2017 – Summer Race Camp Schedule


WEEK  #1 / 5TH – 9TH

WEEK# 2 / 12TH – 16TH

WEEK # 3 / 19TH – 23rd

WEEK # 4 / 26th – 30th


WEEK # 5 / 10th – 14th

WEEK # 6 / 17th – 21

WEEK# 7 / 24th – 28th

WEEK # 8 / July 31st –  August 4th


WEEK # 9 / 9th – 11th

WEEK # 10 / 14th – 18th

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AT: 813-634-1076

MONDAY – FRIDAY FROM 9:00am to 5:00pm

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