At Ambassador Racing© School. We believe in giving back to the communities.

We have worked passionately to help others every chance we can, our educational approach includes programs that we are best known for; 2015 will mark our 20th Annual Summer S. T. E. M. Race Camp

Team Ambassador has an educational approach to driver development that has given rise to being noticed world wide for over 20+ years. Since then, our efforts to donate to have included charitable initiatives and donation programs. We have developed a “fast’ and  ‘easy’ way to help raise funds for your organization with potential earnings from 10% up to 25%. Remember our goal is to assist you in reaching your goal!

In 2015 we envision extending our partnerships in ‘Education’ by hosting exclusive ‘private-events’ for organizations like yours. Organization’s requesting an event date must have a Tax I.D. number and be recognized by the government as a ‘non-profit’ organization (Or an  authorized subgroup) in order to take part in an Ambassador Racing© School ’Fund Raising’ event.

We appreciate the opportunity to give back to our friends, neighbors, community, and look forward to hearing from your organization soon.

Get ready, Set, GO!!!!!

Step 1.  Request An Event with the 4 page links below, all 4 pages are required to be submitted to reserve an event.

fundraising – app-1

fundraising – app -2

fundraising- app-3

fundraising- app-4



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